Loaded Coyote Cruiser

Loaded Coyote Cruiser

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Availability to order Loaded Coyote from Centrano! Probably the most famous and oldest longboard freestyle and dancing brand Loaded and it’s new Cruiser Coyote
Only deck 89e, complete with trucks and wheels 189e

Length: 30.75” / 78.1 cm
Width: 8.375” / 21.3 cm

Shipping Finland 8e
Shipping to EU 20e
Outside Europe 39e

Loaded is 
Californian brand where skateboarding started and this board is full of that authentic laidback cali vibe, cruiser for cruisers. Coyote is agile deck you can cruise, pump and do tricks with it. 

In Finnish

Loadedin loistava kruiseri, yksi markkinoiden parhaimmista. Pelkkä dekki on 89e ja jos haluat trukkeineen renkaineen kokonaisen completen, tämä on vain 179e.  

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